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During the past few weeks we had been noticing some strange noises coming from our water system. It started with incesant switching between the tanks of our water softener system. Later we noticed increasingly common air pockets rushing out when a tap was turned on. Two weekends ago while taking a shower the pressure dropped to a dribble but then returned? This past weekend the pressure finally went. I had recently done some work in the crawl space and suspected there might have been a leak under the house caused by me putting too much force on a water pipe. Indeed a leak in the crawl space would have been messy but that wasn't the case. As you can see in the pictures our well piping sprung a leak 252 feet down, 60 below water level. Amazingly water was still making it to our house for as long as it did. The hole in the pipe was 1 cm (3/8 inch) in diameter. Alas, I had been eyeing the new Canon EOS 7D with an EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM lens to match. Instead, I bought a new well pump, piping, and wiring to replace the 15 year old gear that had been down the hole. I guess I'd rather shower than have a new camera.


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